To Genesis is the only device in the area that offers aerobics electronic music with four types of music such as: POP, ROCK, RNB, BALADS. Suffice to lie back on the bed, the therapist (esthetician the trainer) will put your body the pads, you choose the music you love and .... you will enjoy your aerobic fitness.

To Genesis has four main groups of programs: MUSIC electronic aerobics (aerobic). LYMPHO lymphatic drainage four phases (legs, thighs, buttocks, pectoral). TRANS Versatile imitrigonikon gymnastic beams with currents. STRECHING dilated muscle training with warm up, stretch and cool down four years.

It offers a beautiful and shapely body without deformation, relaxation, weight and cellulite.

Even restore problems such as:

* Muscular debility
* Muscular Atrophy
* Fluid retention, spider veins
* Abnormalities in the Women's Circle
* Side Effects Menopause
* Stress

The Genesis is the only device:

* 8 different exercises the muscle groups simultaneously.
* Offers a wide selection of frequencies (from 10Hz up to 90Hz).
* Uses the FSS (Frequency Surround System) in all programs.
* All programs begin with a warm-up and ends with Relax.
* Plays 100 + quality stereo music CD.
* Has tracks with synchronized pulse for a genuine and pleasant treatment.
* It is easy to handle mouse.

During the treatment we can watch what stage of treatment we are, the time remaining, stop it whenever we want to open or shut the music. All programs have a duration of 30 minutes, starting with warm-up and ends with relax.

FSS: The use of microcomputer enables the default frequency fluctuation motion of muscle at 5 Hz. Thus the moment of maximum stretching of the muscle to have fluctuation of contraction that causes him to produce about 30% more work. This translates directly to improved efficiency programs by 30%.

Accompany with 34 pads small and large pads that cover the entire body efficiently.