Cavi Ultra


This device incorporates all the latest technologies in a single system, embodying cavitation (cavitation), fat-breaking (lipolysis) technology, high intensity focused ultrasound, low frequency ultrasonic waves, representing the leading machine in the industry of beauty.

1. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound 3MHz (HIFU: High Intensity Focused Ultrasound)

This technology is based on the general concept of ultrasonic waves. Focusing, generated high intensity ultrasound waves continued while warming caused degrades adipose tissue without affecting the surrounding tissue and blood vessels.

2. 2F CAVI (Focus and Flat CAVI, 35KHz to 47KHz)

This phenomenon is generated by the ultrasonic waves. The application of the process of cavitation (cavitation) can cleave the fat effectively, using focused strong ultrasound waves, a frequency 35000 -

47000 cycles (Hz), which rapidly vibrating adipocytes, producing numerous follicles vacuum inside and outside the cells, which through natural processes of the body broken and finally discharged.


3. Plates Ultrasonic Low-Frequency 517KHz (LFUS: Low Frequency Ultrasonic Slim)

The emission of ultrasound in this particular, steady and safe low frequency 517KHz, combined with intensity 110 mW/cm2, releasing hormone Noradredalini activating the breakdown of fatty tissue. The lipolysis corresponds to dissolution and

elimination of accumulated fat. During the process, the fat cells release triglycerides and lead to the circulatory system. Progressively, these fatty acids are guided through the vascular muscle requiring a power source. That is why we must discard the fatty acids through physical exercise, manual lymphatic drainage, within one hour after using CAVI ULTRA in one or more body parts.


  • Safe and Reliable;
  • New, applied medical, technology
  • Local treatment precision during application
  • Foot and handswitch for frequency selection
  • Selecting more CAVI MODE (Centralized and flat) and more frequencies (from 35KHz to 47KHz)


· Microcrystalline dissolution and desorption

· Body remodeling

· Eliminate Cellulite

Main Specifications CAVI ULTRA

Ultrasound Probes 4 plates three warheads each
1 head-focused high intensity ultrasound
1 cavitation head flat
1 cavitation head assembly
Frequency 517Khz (517 thousand cycles) for the plates
3Mhz the head of radio
35 to 47 KHz for the head of cavitation
Maximum power application surface 2.5Wcm2 for plates
5.0 Wcm2 the head of cavitation
3.0 Wcm2 the head of radio
Head diameter 150x60 mm plates
63mm RF
50mm cavitation
Type of pulse Continuous pulse and pulse
Certification CE Class I